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Surrendering a Pet

If you are no longer able to care for your pet and you live in Teton County Idaho, you can surrender your pet to TVCAS. We understand making the decision to surrender your pet is incredibly difficult. TVCAS accepts any dog or cat surrender regardless of breed, age or behavioral issues. We are committed to re-homing surrendered animals into an environment where they will thrive.

Our shelter accepts surrenders 8am-4pm, 7 days a week. Please call the shelter ahead of time to alert the shelter staff.

What to expect when surrendering your pet

  • Before surrendering your pet make sure to bring a valid form of identification and your pet's vet records. 

  • Once you are at the shelter we will have you fill out the surrender form.

  • We will then charge you the surrender fee.

    • $50 if your pet is spayed/ neutered​.

    • $100 if your pet is NOT spayed/ neutered. 

  • The shelter staff will then have you fill out an animal questionnaire and ask as many questions about your pet.

  • Please note, once you have surrendered your pet you are giving up your rights, title and interest to the pet.