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Volunteer and Foster

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are one of the most valuable assets at the Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter (TVCAS). The services volunteers provide add great value to our organization and help us achieve our mission by assisting us in providing quality services to the animals in our care.


Volunteers are critical to the success of the shelter. We wouldn’t be able to care for the thousands of pets who have relied on us over the years, if it wasn’t for the time, talent, and incredible support of so many caring people. We continually desire to expand our volunteer community. No matter what skills or expertise you have, there are many ways to volunteer at the Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter.

NOTE: Our volunteer program is currently on hold, due to Covid-19, but we encourage you to submit a volunteer application. We will contact you as soon as our program opens up. Please complete our volunteer application and submit it to our email Thank you for your interest in helping at TVCAS!


What can you do to help?

  • Shelter Cleaning

    • The shelter can always use an extra hand when it comes to keeping our facility sanitary. Duties would include cleaning kennels, laundry, dishes and snuggles with shelter pets!​

  • Maintenance

    • Our shelter always has maintenance projects such as landscaping, fencing up keep, and construction projects. ​

  • Photography

    • Do you have a quality camera and would like practice your skills? TVCAS is in constant need of quality pictures of our furry residents​ to post on adoption sites. Having quality photos of our animals can help them get adopted faster.

  • Dog walkers 

    • Our resident dogs could always use a walk or hike to help get them acclimated to the outside world​.

  • Kitty Care

    • Come in and provide a relaxing environment for our fellow cat residents by brushing, playing and socializing with them.​

Foster a Pet

Are you ready to take on one of most rewarding experiences of your life? Our Foster Families are the heart and soul of the Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter. TVCAS often has special pets that appreciate a calm foster home. We rely on our Foster Families to bring these pets into their homes, teach them what love is about and assist in placement in their forever home. Our experienced team is always ready to help with all your questions and give you the support you need to succeed.  Let us know if you are ready to become part of our Foster Family.

Complete the form below and submit the completed application to

Click the link below to view our available pets that could be fostered: 

Feeding Newborn Kitten

Why should I foster?

Fostering an animal can help save their life. Offering your home to a shelter animal can help relieve the stress that they may experience in a shelter, this stress often causes the animal to not be their true selves. Each time an animal goes into foster we are able to get to know the animal a little better, such as personality traits, likes/ dislikes as well as potential behavioral problems that we may need to address. In foster, the animals are better socialized and have a better chance of getting adopted.

Who can I foster?

TVCAS allows you to foster any of our animals, fostering an animal is always beneficial. However, some animals my benefit more than others:

  • Kittens

    • The shelter often gets overwhelmed with kittens during the spring and summer time. A majority of these kittens are very young and require constant supervision​. Fostering these young kittens can help them stay healthy and allow them to thrive.

  • Pregnant or Nursing pets

    • Occasionally the shelter receives a pregnant or nursing pet. It is important to get them out of the shelter to decrease stress, germs and to provide more space for the mom and kids. ​Pregnant and nursing pets need constant supervision to ensure the safety of both the mother and babies. 

  • Senior Animals

    • Some senior animals, that are brought to the shelter, are on their last legs and don't have too much time left. By fostering them you are providing a calm and stress free environment for their last few moments. 

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