Local Resources

Teton Valley Community Animal Shelter relies on many local and out of state organizations to help support and provide services for our shelter animals. Listed below are several resources that our shelter often uses. 

Vet Services

TVCAS uses the vet services of all of our local veterinarians such as Victor Veterinary Hospital, Driggs Veterinary Clinic and Circle S Mobile Vet Clinic. Our local vets help spay and neuter all of our animals as well as administer vaccines. They also provide any additional services needed for our animals.


Puppy Hotail and Spa

TVCAS often uses Puppy Hotail and Spa, a local dog training and boarding service, to help our dogs with any behavioral issues. By sending our more problematic dogs to training programs it helps increase their chances of getting adopted. 


Paws of Jackson Hole

Paws of Jackson Hole is an incredible resource that helps the shelter by providing financial support for spay and neuters as well as other shelter expenses. They also help advertise our adoptable animals on their website and news letters. Paws of Jackson Hole can also provide support and aide for fellow community members by providing spay and neuter vouchers.


Dog is my Copilot

Dog is my Copilot helps the shelter by transporting animals to and from the shelter. They help us transport our animals to other shelters for a better chance of adoption. As well as transporting animals from other shelters across the country to our shelter, to provide a better chance of adoption.