Dog on Blue

Lost Pet Recovery

Was your pet brought in as a stray? Here's what to expect:

Once you come to pick up your pet, the shelter staff will have you fill out the recovery paperwork.

We will then have you pay the recovery fee, which depends on the pets length of stay and the number of times your pet has been to the shelter.

Please note, the following fees are in place to help provide care and boarding services for stray animals. 

If the animal is in the shelter for one night, the owner of the animal will be charged $35 and each night thereafter.

If it is a repeat pick-up or admissions, there is an additional $25 fee for the second offense, $50 for the third offense and $100 for each additional offense thereafter.

A boarding fee of $35 per night will be added for each day after the owner had been notified either in person or by mail, personal service, or other applicable statutory methods.

Getting your pet microchipped can help reduce the amount of times your pet may come into the shelter. If you would like to get your pet microchipped click the link below.